Hyperion Base Spaceworks and Explorations

Space is Simple.

80% of the world lives within 60 miles of the ocean.
100% of Humanity lives 60 Miles from Space.
But since we can’t go to space, let’s play some computer and video games.

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Star Trek Online

My second life, exploring the galaxy, seeking out new life and blow up massive amounts of star star ships as I fly around in my star ship as part of one big, happy fleet.

Space Empires IV

The apex of the Space Empires franchise, as far as I’m concerned. It’s been over 10 years since I played a game of Space Empires 4, but I still dream and think of this game.


It’s an amazing universe to explore — but Destiny is a lonely, desolate and dead universe. I want to love this so much more, but I’m a nomad on the worlds of Destiny.

Mass Effect Andromeda

Just one more Block. Build and Build and Build, so much to create but that’s the creative fuel that drives minecraft and sometimes its nice to just explore a randomly generated world.

Space Empires III

Some call it a spreadsheet in space, I call it the machinations of an empire! My first big gaming passion, I still have dreams of moving fleets of star ships across galaxies.

Xbox Live

Halo, Portals and more, Xbox Live has a vast library of excellent games I play from time to time and remain dear to my heart as I take time off from life.


The great thing about Me is that there are so many of Me

I play many games, as a result there are many versions of me of course.

Galactic Musings

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"I extend a middle finger to the iconians in peace"

VA@Azselendor, Armada Admiral, Tactical Command, Star Trek Online

Its like everything in this game is designed to not be given out or earned. Just randomly happens and that's really, really, really, frustrating. This feels like a wall or a sponge I'm beating on to get a door to the next room to repeat this. Can I just get something? No? Fine. Whatever, shooting more.

Why am I even on this rock?

Guardian Azselendor, Hunter 27, Destiny